Outing Places Near Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is the largest city in Gujarat, so there are a lot of outing places near Ahmedabad. That being said, a true tourist or traveler would like to add variety to their holiday.

The most reliable way to do this is to take a break from your daily routine for one-day outings near Ahmedabad and travel to the neighboring areas for a picnic.

Best Outing Places Near Ahmedabad

If you talk about the best outing places to visit, then this city is one of the most popular travel destinations in India.

Some weekend getaways from Ahmedabad provide an exciting experience, and some offer a relaxing and peaceful holiday.

So here is a list of top outing places where you can enjoy your holiday in Ahmedabad.

  • Maniar’s Wonderland: A One-Stop Destination For Fun
  • Polo Forest: Natural And Scenic Tourist Place
  • Nalsarovar: Paradise of Birds
  • Indroda Nature Park: India’s Jurrasic Park
  • Zanzari Waterfalls: Perfect Picnic Spot
  • 100 Acres Resort Sanand: Best weekend Destination
  • Adalaj Stepwell: Prominent Historical Site
  • Palm Greens Club: A Family Outing Place
  • Tirupati Rushivan Adventure Park: Best Family picnic Place
  • Statue of unity: Most Iconic Statue In The World
  • Akshardham: Spiritual Tourist Spot
Maniar’s Wonderland: A One-Stop Destination For Fun
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Maniar’s Wonderland is located on the outskirts of Ahmedabad. The theme park is home to exciting and delightful rides and an Ice Park, it is among the best outing places near Ahmedabad.

This snow-themed fun park is the best option for those who want to spend a full day and relax on the second day of the weekend.

The park is divided into 2 parts called Wonderland and the “first in Gujarat” snow park.

Manier’s Wonderland has everything that will be enjoyable for young and old people. The park is open on all days of the week from 10:00 am to 8:30 pm.

Maniar’s Wonderland has a food court within the park where you can get snacks and fast food of your choice. You can plan a trip here with either friends or family.

Ahmedabad being expensive makes it possible for you to ride or drive yourself. The fastest way to get to the park is the NH47. The best thing about the park is that it rides the whole family.

Popular rides in the park are Aqua Roller, Joy Train, Masti Planet, and Wonder Chair. Activities such as Riding Jack, Desert Bike, Zip Line, Buggy Ride, Aqua Roller, Aqua Ball, Traffic Island and Wonder Chair etc.

While in Wonderland, Snow Park in Ahmedabad has a snowfield that proposes snowball combat and blast-to-past Ice Age experiences. You can also have water slides.

Most places have picnic spots in Ahmedabad, during the day as public places and will be open during daytime hours.

If you want to spend the night as well as being cold and relaxing? Check out some of the luxurious resorts near Ahmedabad, where you can enjoy your weekend with family or friends.

Polo Forest: Natural And Scenic Tourist Place

The Polo Forest is one of the most favorite picnic spots for filling quality time in nature and it is a strongly recommended place for spending a night here to reveal its natural beauty.

It is the most natural place near Ahmedabad during the monsoon season where you can also go trekking.

Situated between the sacred hills on the east and west sides, the Polo Forest is among the popular outing places near Ahmedabad and it holds tales of the past.

It looks horrifying but there are ancient temples, many still carrying their priests inside this dense forest.

The forest itself is a large temple and the trees themselves are gods. Polo One is rated one of the most famous weekend getaways near Ahmedabad, where the Gujarat government organizes the Polo festival every year.

Polo One is rated one of the most popular one-day picnic places near Ahmedabad, where the Gujarat government organizes the Polo festival every year.

Nal Sarovar: Paradise of Birds
Image Source: ahmedabadtourism.in

Before you plan to travel to Nal Sarovar, please keep in mind the time as it is open from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.

It is chiefly populated by nomadic birdies in winter and spring. Being the largest swampy bird nature reserve in Gujarat, and one of the largest Bird Sanctuaries in India.

You can capture ducks, geese, pelicans, and flamingos during the morning and evening hours. Vehicles can be transported to the lake site about 1 km from the parking lot’s most famous one-day trip in Gujarat.

In this bird century of Gujarat, in winter you get to see not one or two but 200 different kinds of birds.

Tourists can enjoy the beauty of nature and can also click pictures of birds and themselves. The best attraction of Nal Sarovar is the boating run by the locals which can take you deep into the lake where you can see migratory birds.

Indroda Nature Park: India’s Jurrasic Park

Welcome to our own Jurassic Park in India. Yes, that’s right It is the official surname of the place, being the second most important hatchery of dinosaur eggs in the world and the only dino gallery in the whole of India.

Apart from this, they also have a number of other sections near Ahmedabad picnic points such as a walk-in aviary, marine section, reptile section, a botanical garden, and camping for a fun-filled picnic spot.

If you want to visit Indroda Nature Park so the most suitable time is Tuesday to Sunday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm it is 25 km far from Ahmedabad.

Zanzari Waterfalls: Perfect Picnic Spot
Image Source: gujaratplaces.in

Another perfect outing place near Ahmedabad Zanzari Waterfalls is perfect for nature enthusiasts.

Due to the height of the main waterfall being about 25 feet high, it is situated on the Vatrak river in Dehgam and is a complete visual treat.

Soaking up all the peace, you can feel your tiredness disappearing in the loud sound of water.

A Shiva temple also exists in the vicinity and a camel ride is an option in this waterfall near Ahmedabad.

Best Time to Visit Zanzari Waterfall: September to February

100 Acres Resort Sanand: Best weekend Destination

Looking for the best resort near Ahmedabad, 100 acres of the resort is for you.

Positioned just 28 km from Iscon Cross Road Ahmedabad, the 100-acre resort is the best place near Ahmedabad for one day picnic, two days or weekend holidays for family, friends, or corporate.

It offers indoor and outdoor activities, aqua activities, and awesome restaurants.

If you are planning a one-night stay, you will get lots of options to enjoy your vacation. They also offer deluxe, super deluxe, and premium rooms for overnight stays.

Adalaj Stepwell: Prominent Historical Site
Image Source: ahmedabadtourism.in

Adalaj Stepwell is a historical place located at a distance of 23 km away from Ahmedabad.

Tourists often find places to explore old wells and tanks. Adalaj Stepwell is a good place to click pictures of carving and decorating the walls.

This beautiful destination is for the people who are looking for the best outing places near Ahmedabad.

People come here for the whole day. They find out the length and breadth of the place and then proceed to the garden which is located nearby for a picnic. You can do activities in the Adalaj Stepwell.

Clicking photographs of walls engraved for ornamentation, with epic scenes with everyday extracts of buttermilk, dancers among musicians, dancers among musicians, women showing themselves, and a king seated on a stool.

There is a garden outside step-well where you can sit and relax with your friends and family.

Palm Greens Club: A Family Outing Place

Situated at a distance of 26 kilometers from  Ahmedabad: in Kheda, the Palm Greens Club is the best place to visit with your family or with your friends.

The club has a large pool, a large garden, and an indoor game section. On weekends, the Palm Greens Club always hosts special events.

If you love fun and sports, then this is a good place to enjoy a day picnic away from Ahmedabad.

Tirupati Rushivan Adventure Park: Best Family picnic Place
Image Source: tirupatirushivan.com

75 km from Ahmedabad, Tirupati Rushivan Adventure Park is a great place to visit near Ahmedabad with family. The park/resort has over 25 thrill rides which are enjoyable for the whole family.

In addition to the ride, there is a rain dance section and a swimming pool. Other facilities include food stalls and restaurants as well as a large parking area.

Location: Himmatnagar Road, Derol.

Statue of unity: Most Iconic Statue In The World

Inaugurated by Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, the Statue of Unity is the tallest statue in the world with a height of 182 meters.

It is a statue of Sardar Patel located at Sardar Sarovar Dam, Kevadia Village, Gujarat.

If you are planning a one-day trip near Ahmedabad, the Statue of Unity may be the best place to visit near Ahmedabad.

If you have 2 days, you can also explore the Champaner UNESCO heritage site located near Pavagadh.

Activities at the Statue of Unity: We have published a detailed tourist guide to a statue of unity, where all information about activities, doing, times, and ticket prices is provided with great details.

You can also visit our detailed blog post about places to visit near the Statue of Unity to plan your event.

Akshardham: Spiritual Tourist Spot
Image Source: akshardham.com

Become spiritual and spend your weekend at Akshardham in Gandhinagar.

A place of learning, entertainment, and enlightenment where you can experience the best of customary stone architecture, prehistoric astronomy, and contemporary technology.

The most impressive experience of Indian culture. But in fact, Akshardham Temple is a popular Ahmedabad picnic spot.

Many tourists often come to the temple to explore the beautiful architecture, offer prayers, visit the exhibition and then relax on the lawn of the temple drenched in the magnificent atmosphere.

Dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan, it is a wonder that works through the blockage of thousands of candy strippers. You can dine inside the temple premises in the food hall.

While you are in the temple, do not forget to wait for the exhibition about the life of Lord Swaminarayan.

Akshardham Distance from Ahmedabad: 28 kilometers

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