Best Season To Visit Shimla And Manali

Are you planning a holiday in Shimla and Manali? Before booking, you should know the weather of these destinations and the best time to visit there.

From October to February – this is the best season to visit Shimla as the temperature goes up to -6° C. You can experience snow in late December around Christmas and New Year.

The best time to visit Shimla with family is during the summer season when the day temperature is pleasant and outdoor adventures are plentiful.

The most suitable best time to visit Shimla for snow, Shimla snow is the winter season, which is between November and February.

The snowfall season in Shimla starts in late December and lasts till February. March to June is the most suitable time to tour Shimla when the weather is pleasant throughout the day.

Both Shimla and Manali are hill stations in themselves.

It is polluted due to the plethora of tourists who roam from place to place while visiting Rohtang Pass. Manali has no tourist attraction to avoid snowfall during the winter season.

The weather during winter (November to February) is suitable for experiencing snowfall, snow movements, and exploring snow-capped environments so the winter season is the best season to visit Shimla and Manali.

The queen of all hill stations, Shimla is rightly called. Shimla has mild summers, winter winters, and a different monsoon season. Despite the monsoon is a very good season for tourism, tourists visit Shimla throughout the year.

Best Time To Visit Shimla For Snowfall

Winter winds in Shimla during the winter season from November to February. You are choking this time due to the cold air coming from the Himalayas in the north.

Between the end of December and the beginning of January, tourists can see a scene of a beautiful snowfall. During this time, the temperature is low from 80C to -20C. Shimla is a wonderful tourist destination throughout the year.

When will the best month to visit Shimla will depend entirely on your own choice? What is the best time to visit Shimla?

While we have explained in further detail in this article, the months of April, May and September are considered to be the best time to visit Shimla.

Best Time To Visit Manali

If you are planning to visit Manali, then October to June is the most suitable time to tour Manali. A pleasant climate with bright, colourful flowers in full bloom and with temperatures between 10 ° C and 25 ° C.

The months from December to February are the best time to visit Manali if you want to see snowfall. With festivities around the corner, December is the best time to visit Manali for a honeymoon.

This hill station is very popular among honeymooners, making it a ‘lover’s paradise. As Manali offers something for everyone in every season, visitors here can suppose all kinds of visitors, from backpackers to families.

Snowfall occurs in Manali between December and February. Manali is one of the most beautiful hill stations in India that attracts tourists throughout the year.

It is an ideal time for trekking, hiking, paragliding, mountain sports, rafting, and climbing at Manali temperatures. The Hadimba Devi Temple also organizes an annual festival in the month of May, which attracts many devotees.

For winter activities such as skiing and ice skating, it is best to arrive between November and February, as snow is a common sight. With vast landscapes, snow-capped mountains, and roads, Manali itself is a permanent and continuously white paradise.

Although it is considered a tourist destination, there is a reason that this small swing attracts a crowd of tourists every year. Located just 550 odd kilometers north of New Delhi, Manali takes the importance of things back centuries.

In ancient times, it was a small village that marked the beginning of an important trade route. It connected the interior of the Indian subcontinent to Ladakh and turned further through the Karakoram Pass and ended up in the Tarim Basin, now the extreme northwest of China.

Best Time To Visit Manali For Snowfall

Manali experiences a monsoon in the months between July and mid-September. This is not the best time to visit Manali as landslides are very common due to heavy rains.

Manali is one of the most attractive places in India state of Himachal Pradesh. Snow-capped peaks, circling the Beas River, walk on a mall road and what else can a person ask for.

Once you visit Manali you will be amazed to see how people were desperate about the trip to Rohtang Pass, just to feel the chill of ice in their spine.

Manali experiences moderate temperatures throughout the year due to its high elevation in the Himalayan foothills. During the winter months, one can often enjoy heavy snowfall in Manali making the city a popular ski resort.

Things To Do In Shimla

Your vacation in Shimla can take you for hiking with thrills, snow-filled fun, your better half, and longer shopping options.

For your ease, we have prepared a list of things to do in Shimla.

  • Toy Train Ride: Most Beautiful Railway Journeys on Earth
  • Shopping At Lakkar Bazar: Popular Street Shopping Place
  • Rafting At Tattapani: Thrilling Recreational Sport
Toy Train Ride: Most Beautiful Railway Journeys on Earth

The “toy train ride” is definitely the quietest trip to the hills of Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh.

The toy train ride is a very popular journey that was started in 1903 by Lord Curzon.

Included on the UNESCO World Heritage list in India’s mountain railways, the toy train has the most spectacular views and the coldest air.

According to the time aboard the Kalka-Shimla toy train, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that connects the Indian plains with the queen of hills, Shimla.

This toy train was Built-in 1903, this ride is one of the most unbelievable achievements of engineering in India, comprising 102 tunnels, 864 bridges, and 919 stunning curves.

Shopping At Lakkar Bazar: Popular Street Shopping Place

Situated on a short stretch of the ridge in Shimla, Lakkar Bazaar is one of the popular shopping venues for wooden decorative items.

The market also has small shops selling woolen, Pashmina shawls, and handicrafts, with Kullu shawl being a major attraction in Shimla.

Lakkar Bazar marks the starting point of climbing the popular Jakhu peak, and surprisingly, one of the best-selling items here includes wooden walking sticks.

It is a well-organized place where everyone has to walk and experience the natural beauty and nightlife.

Only emergency vehicles are allowed which makes the road very busy, especially during peak seasons, tourists have April – October as the best time to visit Manali and Shimla.

Rafting At Tattapani: Thrilling Recreational Sport

River Rafting is definitely one of the best adventure sports in the world and Shimla offers some of the most sought-after places for rafting tours.

River rafting in Shimla takes place in the white water rapids of the Sutlej River. Experience river rafting in the Sutlej River at Tattapani in Shimla under the guided surveillance of expert instructors.

If you are an adventure buff, you can participate in a thrilling session in the rapids. Tattapani is also a beautiful picnic spot with stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

Pack in a basket of hearty picnic and you are ready for a charming afternoon. Not yet very popular, the place offers you peace and is perfect with the hustle and bustle of tourist places in Himachal Pradesh.

Things To Do In Manali

Manali is a major tourist center except in the monsoon. If you have made a plan to visit Manali this time, then make your trip unforgettable with some cherished experiences here. Following are the best things to do at this amazing destination.

  • Paragliding: Most Exciting Activity
  • Head to Rohtang Pass: Feel Thrilled Of A Challenging Journey
  • Manali Wildlife Sanctuary: Paradise For Nature Lovers
  • Tibetan Monastery: Oldest And Famous Place In Manali
Paragliding: Most Exciting Activity

Among adrenaline addicts, paragliding around Manali is often famous as one of the most exciting things to do in Manali to spend your time in this heavenly hill station.

Surrounded by the surreal landscape of nature, Manali is a paradise for adventure lovers in India. The beautiful hill station situated in the state of Himachal Pradesh provides a long backdrop of magnificent valleys and mountains.

If you are excited at the slightest mention of adventure and are looking for activities to try then paragliding in Manali is for your summer season is the best time to visit Shimla and Manali.

Located in the Kullu district of the northern state of Himachal Pradesh, Manali offers an enchanting view of the snow-capped hills of the Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar ranges of the Himalayas.

Head to Rohtang Pass: Feel Thrilled Of A Challenging Journey

The entrance to Rohtang Pass, the charming Lahaul, and Pangi tribal valleys were opened to tourists after six months.

Locals said a thick blanket of snow was likely to remain till the end of July which would increase tourists’ delight as thousands of visitors feared the disappearance of tribal valleys.

At a height of thirteen thousand and fifty-four feet, the Rohtang Pass serves as the gateway to the Lahaul and Spiti valleys in Himachal Pradesh.

Around 53 km from Manali, it combines the Kullu Valley with Lahaul and Spiti which in turn give a path to Leh. In Lahaul and Spiti There are many other routes that have specific names (Kunjam la, Baralacha la, etc.).

This is indicative of the fact that it is the oldest and most frequently passed fact in the region or the fact that it is the main route leading from one cultural area to another, which is quite different from the north.

The name Rohtang comes from the Persian word Ruh + Tang which means a pile of dead bodies.

Manali Wildlife Sanctuary: Paradise For Nature Lovers

With lush tropical and rich species of wildlife, Manali Sanctuary is one of the major tourist attractions of Manali.

Constructed and declared as a sanctuary for wildlife under the Punjab Birds and Wildlife Conservation Act 1933 in the year 1954, the Manali sanctuary houses many reptiles, mammals, birds, and various other animal cultures.

Manali Wildlife Sanctuary is a paradise on earth for all animals and nature lovers who come here in large numbers to experience what this paradise feels like.

The sanctuary also allows camping in the summer. May and June are the best seasons to visit Manali and Shimla. Tourists are also allowed to camp at Lambagar.

Tibetan Monastery: Oldest And Famous Place In Manali

The Tibetan monastery is located near the mall in Manali, 250 meters from the Manali bus stand. The Tibetan monastery is one of the loved and popular places in Manali.

Due to a great number of Tibetan communities located in the Kullu and Manali region, Tibetan monasteries have been built. Tibetan monasteries are one of the sightseeing spots in Manali.

The Tibetan monastery is one of the pristine and renowned places in Manali. Tibetan monasteries have been established due to the large number of Tibetan people settled in Kullu Manali.

Tibetan monasteries have been established due to the large number of Tibetan people settled in Kullu Manali.

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