Study Abroad Craze in India

Study Abroad craze in India is the most trending study style nowadays. Every student in India wants higher education from abroad in their desired field of study.

As a result, IELTS, PTE, & TOEFL tests are at their peak to study in English-speaking countries. There are some other ways also from which one can apply for a study visa and it varies from country to country.

This is actually right that these tests only allow students to go and study in an English-speaking country like the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and etc.

Also, every student must keep in mind that there is no right way to study abroad that actually works for everyone’s needs and requirements.

It means terms and conditions, financial planning, destination, budget, and many other things may be different from person to person so that’s why there is no calculated way out to approach a study abroad program.

Why Study Abroad

According to a survey and the Ministry of external affairs of India, in the past several years there are huge numbers of increment in students who prefer to study abroad for their higher education.

This is because of the current trends of higher education in India.

Most of the students who are financially strong family backgrounds are preferred their higher education from other countries.

Some main reasons why students opt to study globally are mentioned below

  • Great Career Growth
  • International Career Opportunity
  • Well Renowned Colleges
  • Worldwide Cultural Exposure
Where to Study Abroad

After finalizing that you want to go for higher studies in abroad countries, the main question is where someone can study and what are the criteria to go for the same.

This question is very common for students who want to go abroad for their studies and also for their parents. There are many options available for the students who want to study abroad according to their study abroad need.

No doubt that the US beats all the countries if compared with any other. The education system, quality of education, no. of top universities, opportunity, all are the best in this beautiful country.

Also, students prefer some other countries like Canada, the UK, Australia, Germany, and many others for the study abroad. But students should select the country for the study according to their study field, budget, and interest.

What to Study Abroad

Certificate & Diploma Courses: If you are looking for short-term courses, then you can choose certificates and diploma programs in your study abroad dream.

Canada is the leading country in such types of courses because you can opt for plenty of short-term courses in Canada. Indian students take much interest in these types of courses.

Bachelor’s Degree: Pursuing a bachelor’s degree from abroad after the 12th is the most common education for students who want to graduate internationally. These types of degrees are recognized globally and takes usually 3 to 4 years in completing depending on the degree category.

Master’s Degree: Many students prefer PG (Post Graduate) degrees from international universities and hence apply for a pg program in abroad countries.

No doubt developed countries like the USA, Canada, and other has a variety of programs in which you can apply through a study visa from your country.

Doctoral Degree: Ph. D degree program is considered as one of the highly competitive degrees programs globally. Since it is selective and highly competitive, so if you complete this degree from a reputed university it will open a great opportunity for your career.

How to Study Abroad

There are various options available from which one can eligible for the study abroad program. Although, some countries accept the application of students without any English test like IELTS, PTE, and others.

Some of the main countries and their universities that accept admission without IELTS or PTE tests are Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Norway, Holland, etc.

But here we will only talk about the three well-known exams which are important to crack for your study, work, and migration need.

Let’s talk about the test system and all to crack this test and get eligible for the study abroad dream.


It stands for International English Language Test System. As it’s all words say this test system is globally certified not only in India to take admissions in any English country.

This test is mandatory for Indians and also for other non-english speaking countries to get into the topmost colleges and universities and also for the immigration requirements.

So IELTS is finally important for main three purposes i.e. IELTS for study, IELTS for migration, and IELTS for work.

If you are looking to study, work, and live you must have a good IELTS score.

Eligibility for IELTS: For taking IELTS exam, there are two major factors 
  1. Applicant’s minimum age must be 16 years.
  2. Have a valid passport of their country.
IELTS Score Level
Band No.User Level
09Expert Level
08Very Good
What IELTS score do you need?

Higher the band score of IELTS you get higher the chances you have to get enter into your desired country, college, or university. Again it depends on for which purpose you are opting out of the IELTS test.

PTE Exam

The Pearson Test of English is also an English language test that allows candidates to enter an English-speaking country as IELTS does. This exam is also divided into 4 different parts i.e. reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

PTE is widely accepted by colleges, universities, higher education institutions, government departments, and other institutions requiring a high level of English-speaking candidates.


Test Of English as a Foreign Language is again an exam to qualify for the English-speaking country for study.

Also keep one thing in mind that if you are seeking to prove your English skills for a work or job, so you may need the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) instead of the TOEFL.

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