Religious Places Near Bangalore

Bangalore is commonly known as the IT capital of India and is fully crowded with software companies However, there are many religious places near Bangalore, the city has more than 1,000 temples and places of worship.

They have been built over the years by various ruling dynasties, which were in the form of Cholas in the 10th century.

This is the time to give a much-needed change in yourself and what could be better than walking around Bengaluru to see some of the amazing pilgrims inside you.

Religious sites in Karnataka are rich, vibrant and colourful and belong to many religions. There are many religious places near Bangalore, ranging from temples, mosques, churches and gurdwaras.

The diversity of Karnataka lies not only in its art and history but also in religious ethnicity. The religious heritage of the United States with its long history has translated into various religious sites.

The place is the third most populous city in India and the fifth most populous urban agglomeration. The place is the third most populous city in India and the fifth most populous urban community.

Bangalore is rich in religious sites and pilgrimage sites, known for its magnificent carvings and sculptures. The temple abounds in the exquisite stone art, with extensive patronage of the reigning kings.

Karnataka has more than 34,000 holy temples and shrines. Bangalore alone has more than 1,000 of these temples.

We have prepared a list of famous religious places near Bangalore, which you should take a look at.

  1. ISKCON Temple: Religious Significance With Architectural Beauty
  2. Bull Temple: An Architectural Wonder
  3. Someshwara Temple: The Most Ancient Temple Of Bangalore
  4. Sree Surya Narayana Swamy Temple: Beautiful And Serene Atmosphere
  5. Venugopala Swamy temple: Abode Of Gods
  6. Banashankari Temple: Prominent Place Of Worship
  7. St. Mark’s Cathedral: Beautiful Old British Church
ISKCON Temple: Religious Significance With Architectural Beauty

ISKCON Sri Radha Krishna Temple is considered one of the famous temples of Bangalore. This temple is one of the major and famous tourist destinations of Bengaluru. Its building is counted among the beautiful buildings of Bengaluru.

It has become a very familiar sight in the city and this temple will definitely be one of the Religious Places Near Bangalore.

Are you planning to make a pilgrimage and are therefore looking for some good arrangements to guide you to travel, stay and visit places?

If yes, then get in touch with ISKCON pilgrimages, which give you a great opportunity to visit various holy places in India.

Also known as Hare Krishna, this temple is built in the neoclassical style, which presents a beautiful fusion of ultra-contemporary and traditional style and is equipped with all kinds of modern amenities.

Like various other ISKCON temples, which are spread all over the world, this temple in Bangalore is also dedicated to Lord Krishna and Radha.

Like many temples in the city, it offers contemporary architecture and modern interiors.

The Hare Krishna hill is the hill on which this temple is situated. ISKCON Bangalore is a sacred society, which aims to propagate Krishna consciousness across the world, as explained by Srila Prabhupada, whose teachings are based on the Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam.

Bull Temple: An Architectural Wonder

The Bull Temple is one of the oldest temples in Bangalore city, also known as the Nandi Temple.

The temple is usually called by the locals as ‘Dodda Basavan Gudi’. The main deity of this temple is Nandi. According to Hindu mythology, Nandi was not only a great devotee of Shiva but also his ride.

Nandi, the bull, is the mountain or ‘vahana’ of Lord Shiva and the patron deity of Kailasagiri, the patron of Lord Shiva; According to Hindu traditions.

This temple is necessary for the visit of every Shiva devotee as Nandi holds great importance for Lord Shiva. Nandi, which means ‘in Sanskrit’, is a sacred bull according to Hindu beliefs.

Although Nandi’s statue appears to be black in colour, it was not really so when it was built. The statue was originally brown in colour.

But devotees continuously applied charcoal and oil to the statue, it turned black over the years.

The temple was built by Kempe Gowda, ruler of the Vijayanagara Empire. The entire structure of the bull is carved out of single granite rock, and the statue is 6.5 meters long and 4.5 meters high.

The statue was usually grey, but over time it became black in colour due to the regular use of butter and coconut oil by devotees.

Someshwara Temple: The Most Ancient Temple Of Bangalore

Someshwar Temple is the oldest temple in Bangalore which is located in the neighbourhood of Halasuru, also known as Ulsoor.

It was originally commissioned by the Chola rulers and later in the 16th century, it was rebuilt by Kempe Gowda I, the founder of Bengaluru.

This ancient temple is located in Market Street near Ulsoor Police Station in Ulsoor and comes under the Chola dynasty.

The temple is dedicated to Lord Someswara and is said to have undergone many additions and modifications during the rule of Hiriya Kempe Gowda II and the late Vijayanagara dynasty according to art historians.

The temple is being maintained by the Department of Endowment, Government of Karnataka.

The architecture of the main temple is unique, with many pillars and scriptures inscribed on the walls. Hit these poles when they have pin-drop silence, they play like a guitar.

The temple has a huge pillar (Khamba), a beautiful gopuram and a large pavilion. Many idols of Hindu deities can be found in the temple complex, especially on the minaret near the entrance.

The temple also houses the deities of Bheemeshwara, Nanjundeshwara, Kamakshamma, Arunachaleswara, and Panchalingeswar. It is the best holy place to visit; many religious events are held throughout the year in this temple.

Sree Surya Narayana Swamy Temple: Beautiful And Serene Atmosphere

Sri Suryanarayana Swamy Temple in Bangalore is one of the very few temples in the world dedicated to the Sun God.

Suryanarayan Temple at Domlur is one of the most beautiful modern temples in India! This magnificent Chola temple is brilliantly constructed by expert craftsmen in architectural style.

The temple attracts a large number of devotees every single day, especially during the 8-day festival – Brahmotsavam – on the Magh month Sudha Tritiya because it is among the best Religious Places Near Bangalore.

The temple has got a huge golden tower, which has many colourful figures. The statue of the presiding deity within the temple is 3.25 feet tall. This idol is brought from the famous Badrinath temple.

Located in the heart of Bangalore, the temple is a far cry for a religious Hindu like Rathasaptami, especially during special festivals and fairs.

A carefully cleaned temple provides an onsite washroom. A visit to Sri Surya Narayana Swamy Temple represents the beginning of a bus adventure when you use our Bengaluru sightseeing tour to celebrate your holiday.

Venugopala Swamy temple: Abode Of Gods

The small town has many temples inside the strong walls of the Devanhalli fort. The Venugopalaswamy temple, which faces the main city road, is the oldest of them. It is 160 km from Bangalore.

The main statue of Lord Krishna Venugopal Swami, playing the flute in the form of a cow-herd, moved from the drowned area to a new temple in the resettlement village.

It is a wonderful place, 3 sides of the temple are surrounded by water. The fort at Devanahalli housed the erstwhile rulers of Mysore such as Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan.

There are several temples within the fort walls surrounding the township, such as Nanjundeshwara Temple, Chamundeshwar Temple, Veerabhadra Swamy Temple and Ranganathaswamy Temple.

The temple has a garbhagriha (garbhagriha), a middle chamber and a mukha mandapa (main hall).

The chamber in front of the entrance has the figure of Keshava (Lord Krishna), while the south chamber consists of Gopalakrishna.

Banashankari Temple: Prominent Place Of Worship

Sri Banashankari Temple is located on Kanakpura Road, 8.5 kilometres from the Railway Station-Bangalore City.

Dedicated to Banashankari Amma, an substance of Goddess Parvati, this temple is one of the oldest and most famous temples in Bangalore.

Built by Somna Shetty, a delightful devotee of Banashankari (also known as Amma), the Banashankari Temple is one of the most prominent places of worship in Bangalore.

The statue of Amma placed in the temple was brought by Somanna from Badami in the Bijapur district.

A unique feature of this temple is that according to Hindus, the deity is worshipped in Rahuka, considered an inauspicious time.

It is believed that worshipping Banashankari Amma during Rahukaal eliminates all the troubles and sorrows that come in life.

There is a large crowd of devotees in the temple, especially on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday it is considered auspicious to worship.

The goddess is worshipped by lighting several oil lamps in half-cut lemon peels.

According to the famous legend of the temple, a demon was Durgamasura, who regularly harassed the local people of the city.

After continuous prayers by the residents of the city, the goddess Banashankari appeared in the fire of ‘Yajna’. He killed the demon, and the city was protected from the demon.

St. Mark’s Cathedral: Beautiful Old British Church

One of the popular tourist attractions of Bangalore is St. Mark’s Cathedral which is a part of the Church of South India (CSI), situated around MG Road and amidst the eventful surroundings and it is one of the famous religious places near Bangalore.

Praise St. Mark’s Cathedral for its large white building, an Anglican church in McIver Town and an oasis in a city surrounded by greenery.

Inspired by the 17th-century St. Paul’s Cathedral, the structure has a wide dome but no steeple. It has one of the well-maintained exterior bells from all the churches in the city.

One of the most beautiful features of the cathedral along with the walls Roman archers even stained glass work adds to its beauty.

It has the best-kept exterior bells and is the youngest. This cathedral was built on the lines of the 17th-century St. Paul’s Cathedral.

The entrance gate has ornate and ornate carvings made of wood with majestic ceilings and domes.

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