Largest Insurance Companies in USA

There are multiple ways to measure or give a rank to an insurance company, some of them are Market capitalization, sales figures, company size, etc.

This article will examine the top 20 United States insurance companies on the basis of their net wealth, market cap, customer acquisition, etc.

United Health

As a diversified health and wellness company, United Health Group’s core competencies are clinical expertise, advanced technology, and data and health information.

United Health Group serves its customers in more than 135 countries including the United States. United Health care provides health insurance and benefits, and Optum provides information and technology-enabled health services.

This group of companies invests more than 4 billion USD in technology & innovation and processes as well. Its approximately annual transaction is 1.1 trillion.

Anthem, Inc.

Anthem, Inc. is a healthcare delivery company dedicated to improving lives and communities and simplifying healthcare.

Anthem serves more than 106 million people through its affiliates, including more than 42 million in its family of health care plans the group’s affiliated health plans create a variety of HMOs, PPOs, web-based dental products, and health plan services that combine attributes that consumers find attractive with effective cost control techniques.

A wide range of related professional products and other services are also available, including flexible spending accounts and COBRA management.

Centene Corporation

Centene Corporation, a Fortune 500 company, is a diversified, multinational healthcare company that provides a portfolio of services for government-sponsored healthcare plans and focuses on the uninsured and underinsured populations.

Centene operates local health insurance companies and offers a range of health insurance solutions.

It also contracts with other healthcare and trade organizations to provide specialties ranging from behavioral health, dental services, life and wellness, and pharmacy service management to care management software, orthodontic services, home health services, vision management specialty pharmacy, and telehealth services to serve.


Humana’s cultural foundation is dedicated to helping members achieve optimal health by providing a personalized, simplified, holistic wellness experience.

Recognizing that the health needs of every individual, family, and community are constantly changing, Humana creates innovative solutions and resources to help people live healthier lives when and where they need them.


Cigna Corporation is an overall prosperity organization relationship with more than 165 million client and patient associations in excess of 30 countries and regions.

Its assurance plans and things integrate clinical benefits security for individuals and families, dental insurance plans, Medicare plans, Medicare supplemental plans, other supplemental security, and overall medical care.

Molina Healthcare

Molina Healthcare, a Fortune 500 association, is exclusively based on government-upheld clinical benefits programs for qualified individuals and families.

The association contracts with state councils and fills in as a prosperity plan giving a broad assortment of significant worth clinical consideration organizations to individuals and families.

Molina gives prosperity plans in California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin, and Puerto Rico.

The association moreover offers a Medicare thing and has been picked in many states to partake in twofold show errands to manage the thought for those certified for Medicaid and Medicare.

Bright Health Group

Bright Health Group is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross/Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) and maintains its own network of providers.

Plans are not sponsored, endorsed, administered, or otherwise affiliated with Blue Cross or Blue Shield, BCBSA, BCBSIL, or any other insurer.

Multiplan Corporation

Multiplan provides health insurance coverage for anyone who wants to get it.

If you have been uninsured for any period of time, you could benefit from having us pay for some of your medical expenses so it doesn’t affect your current income.

MultiPlan Corporation provides competitive rates and MultiPlan Corporation offers flexible plans that fit your budget.

New York Life Group

NY Life Group Health Insurance Company was established in 1998. NY Life Group has been serving clients since then.

Currently, they offer comprehensive health plans covering over 300 doctors and hospitals throughout NYC. NY Life Group’s primary focus is providing services to small businesses and individuals.

NY Life Group provides members with a choice in their healthcare coverage and convenience in receiving care at any time of day or night.

NY Life Group believes that everyone deserves excellent service, no matter where they live or work.

This company is committed to providing quality healthcare at an affordable cost. NY Life Group’s mission statement is “To help people achieve good health”.

Metropolitan Group

Metropolitan Group Health Insurance (MGHI) is designed to help employers who want to offer their employees group health coverage at a reasonable cost.

MGHI offers many advantages over traditional individual health insurance plans, including lower monthly premiums, greater flexibility in choosing doctors and hospitals, and access to financial assistance if you become ill or injured.

If you have ever been offered catastrophic or major medical health insurance, you know how expensive those policies can get! But if you’re just starting out and don’t yet need a comprehensive plan, a catastrophic policy might not make sense for you.

Instead, MGHI gives you affordable protection. In fact, our monthly premium costs less than $30 per month, and we provide free lifetime maximums on both hospitalization and surgical expenses.

Metropolitan Group plans offer good value, excellent service, and outstanding customer care. We want to give you total peace of mind while providing the best possible health insurance experience.

Prudential of America

Prudential of America is currently the largest provider of health insurance in the United States and is based in Newark, New Jersey.

Founded in 1875, Prudential’s mission statement is “to help people live well and age well.” Today, they are still dedicated to helping customers improve their lives by providing insurance according to their specific needs.

In 1926, Prudential of America was acquired by American International Group (AIG), which still maintains its commitment to providing quality care to its clients today.

Lincoln National 

Lincoln National Life Insurance Company is proud to provide financial protection for people who need coverage.

They offer personal insurance policies, group insurance plans, annuities, retirement plans, and investment products to help protect what we value most – our family, friends, and neighbors. Our company began in 1866 and remains committed to serving all communities across the country.

The Lincoln National brand represents trust, quality, and innovation. Lincoln National is dedicated to providing reliable customer service, offering outstanding financial protection for people, and helping them plan ahead for their futures.

State Farm

State Farm Life Insurance Company (SFIL) was founded in 1912 and is headquartered in Bloomington, Illinois.

SFIL insures people through its various policies including auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance, and other financial products.

American Family Insurance

Since 1945 American Family has been committed to serving its members with integrity.

Today American family is a leading company in the industry offering auto, home, and small business insurance to all 50 states of America.

American family insurance is the third largest provider of auto and home insurance in the united states. Currently, American Family Insurance has over 8 million customers across America.

Guardian Life Insurance 

Guardian Life Insurance Company of America is a Mutual Insurer founded in 1860. Since its inception, Guardian has maintained a reputation for exceptional underwriting practices and customer care.

Nowadays Guardian Life Insurance is one of the top insurance companies across America.

John Hancock Financial

John Hancock Financial (JHF) provides financial services to employers and employees through its group insurance products, retirement plans, annuities, investment management solutions, and wealth management services.

In addition to offering traditional employer-sponsored benefit programs, JHF offers customized employee assistance programs, including disability income replacement protection and supplemental life insurance.


Lemonade Insurance is a company founded for people who want to live their dream without having to worry about financial burdens along the way.

They do this by providing high-quality products at affordable prices and by placing our customers’ success as our primary focus.

They have been able to give back to our community by donating $10,000 to the local charity organization, “Lemonade Kids” – a non-profit organization committed to helping children ages 0 – 17 overcome adversity.

Lemonade Kids provides after-school activities and educational programs for over 200 kids each day! Its mission is to help children reach their full potential and become productive members of society.

Liberty Dental Plan

Liberty dental plan is a preferred provider organization (PPO) health insurance program developed by Liberty HealthShare, Inc., a non-profit company based in California.

It was founded on the principles of providing high-quality care at a reasonable cost and helping consumers make informed decisions about their medical choices.

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