Lakes Near Chennai

Chennai owns a list of natural lakes in India, There are so many lakes near Chennai and a city is famous for its dazzling culture, and for some notorious areas and activities to be the safest city in the country covers 426 areas of Chennai in square kilometres, Madras is a jewel of India.

More than forty-five per cent of tourists in India are attracted to health purposes only, it is also seen as the “Health Capital of India”.

Chennai is also known as the “Detroit of South Asia” due to its automobile industry, being the second-best cuisine in the world by the infamous National Geographic.

Deeply seated in its traditions and values, the city’s most spectacular asset is its proud residents who are charmingly grounded in the city’s historic relics and wondrous natural sites.

We have a look at the names of lakes at the top 6 best lakes in Chennai worth visiting at least once.

  • Madurantakam Lake: Lovely Picnic Spot
  • Pulicat Lake: Most Important Lake of The Region
  • Kaliveli Lake: Enjoy In The Lap of Nature
  • Sholavaram Lake: Popular Tourist Site in Chennai
  • Puzhal Lake: The Abundance of Verdant Greenery
  • Chembarambakkam Lake: Best Places For a Leisurely Holiday

Madurantakam Lake in Kanchipuram

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Madurantakam Lake, one of the closest lakes near Chennai city, is located in the small temple town of Kanchipuram district, a man-made creation.

The second-largest place in the state of Tamil Nadu is a beautiful picnic spot to enjoy an evening at rivers in Chennai.

The lake near the National Highway 45 is said to have been built by the ruler Utham Choya during the rule of the Cholas.

The lovely view of the shimmering water of the lake gives a strange relief. An ideal spot for an evening picnic, the extensive pristine waters of the lake are an exceptionally tranquil view.

Location: Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu

Pulicat Lake: Most Important Lake Of The Region

One of the most popular lakes of the Tamil Nadu region, Pulicat Lake is located 60 kilometres from the capital city, Chennai. This lake is the country’s second-largest saltwater lake.

Ranked second in the category of the largest saltwater lake, the site is also the Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary and  Space Center of India rocket launch centre.

With historical records relating to the lake dating back to the first century, the lake’s rich past is a gentle reminder of the almanac nature of human life compared to the protracted period of prevailing maternal nature.

Tourists can visit from the months of October to March, the flora and fauna surrounding the lake are of a dazzling range.

Famous for its rich biodiversity, this lake has very few inhabitants in its surrounding areas. Reptiles, mammals, kingfishers, herons, and of course pelicans are some of the common birds and animals found here.

Location: Coromandel Coast, Tamil Nadu.

Kaliveli Lake: Enjoy In The Lap Of Nature

One of the most visited Chennai lakes is located 60 km from Chennai, Kalivalli Lake is only 16 kilometres from Pondicherry, Kalivali is a coastal lake near the Bay of Bengal.

Some rare species of plants and animals also find their place around the lake.

The most unexplored lakes located in Villupuram district are extremely inaccessible paths through swamps which are extremely difficult for visitors to provoke through them.

For this reason, most of the flora and fauna in the region is extremely rich and unknown.

One of the largest wetlands of peninsular India, the lake is of global importance, recognized by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN).

The place is also home to various birds including migratory birds, and therefore, also serves as a bird sanctuary.

For bird watchers and ornithologists, exotic birds such as kingfishers and flamingos add beautiful splendour to the amazing landscape of the lake.

With plenty of sightseeing, this place provides an opportunity to re-experience the thrill of water activities for those unforgettable weekend places in Tamil Nadu.

Apart from this, the lake also has ruins of Allamparva Forts, which lies on the shore on the northern channel of the lake.

However, one can choose to explore some of the attractions around Kaliveli Lake, such as fortification walls, Sri Muthu Mariamman Temple and Amman Temple.

Location: Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu!

Sholavaram Lake: Popular Tourist Site In Chennai

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The main place of Chennai water supply, the Sholavaram Lake is one of the most blessed lakes around Chennai.

Situated in the Thiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu, 24 km from Chennai, Sholavaram Lake is another grand lake that partly provides Chennai’s water supply.

During the British rule, before 1877, the lake was popular for the water sports offered here and is also very close to the base of the Indian Army.

These breathtaking water bodies in Chennai miscarries with flora and fauna.

Lake Thiruvallur is also the centre of water activities for tourists and locals in the district.

As a result of being an enchanting lake with water sports, Sholaavaram promotes a great deal among travellers as a travel destination.

Not only is this, but the surreal view of sunrise and sunset is also difficult to resist for anyone who is visiting Sholavaram Lake.

For this fact, it is one of the largest lakes in Chennai and is blessed with an abundance of flora and fauna.

After spending some quality time at Lake Sholavaram, you can also enjoy Marina Beach (29 km), Valluvar Kottam (29 km), and Kovalong (73 km).

For the sight of migratory birds including the grand flamingos, the Sholavaram Lake is an ideal place to enjoy such sights without any hindrance.

While going for a walk on Sholavaram Lake, do not forget to save your spent memories in your camera lens.

Puzhal Lake: The Abundance Of Verdant Greenery

Covering an area of ​​18 square kilometres, Puzhal Lake or as it is popular as “Red Hills Lake is one of the important lakes of Chennai to spend a quiet time, built-in 1876 during the British dominance in India Gone.

The serene environment, the lake is also an attractive place near Chennai that gives an insight into the inner workings of the reservoir.

This area makes a great place to spend a wonderful evening. Also called Red Hills Lake, this lake came into existence in the year 1876.

Presently, this lake treats its visitors to the quaint atmosphere and seclusion which proves to be a relief from the mad rush of Chennai.

Location: Red Hills, Thiruvallur District, Chennai

Chembarambakkam Lake: Best Places For A Leisurely Holiday

Chembarambakkam Lake and a beautiful tourist place in Tamil Nadu – Chembarambakkam Lake, about 40 km from Chennai in the Kanchipuram district. This lake is a treat to one’s eyes as a tourist destination in Tamil Nadu.

Due to its calm and serene environment, this place is an ideal picnic spot in Chennai. Also, remember the panoramic views presented by this beautiful lake while watching the birds.

You can also take a walk while taking a walk around and some fresh air. Apart from bird watching, it is an ideal place for surfboard paddling in the Kanchipuram district.

If you are a person of nature, a trip to the Chembarambakkam Lake will surely fill your heart to capture your heart and enjoy the wonderful times.

One of the city’s four reservoirs, the lake is also the second-largest water treatment plant in India. Apart from this, it also gives rise to the Adyar River which is another gift of the lake to the people dependent on it.

How to reach Chembarambakkam Lake

By Air: Chennai International Airport is the nearest airport to Chembarambakkam Lake. It is located at a distance of 23.7 KM, which will take about an hour to cover.

You can hire an auto, hire a taxi or book an online taxi to get there as soon as possible. Keep in mind though, that the bus will be cheaper than all of these perceived options.

By Bus: L and T Bus Stop and Chembarambakkam Lake Bus Stop are the two nearest bus stops to the lake.

You can board a bus from one of the 554 lines and get off at one of these bus stops. To reach the lake one has to walk 15 minutes from there.

By Road: The lake is connected to various parts of the city through various state highways. You can use online directions to drive the bus to the place or you can book a taxi online and relax in the passenger seat while the driver takes you to your destination.

The winter months of October to March are the best time to visit the rivers of Chennai.

This is the time when the temperature of the area is soothing and pleasant with minimal moisture. However, summer brings with its scorching heat and humidity, and it is tough to travel.

You will not be able to enjoy the surroundings with lots of sweat and heat. The monsoon brings heavy rains and cyclones to the city, therefore, you will not be able to enjoy the road under a strong recession. Also, waterways are also closed during this time period.

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