Best Season To Visit Dharamshala

If you are planning to make your holidays memorable so you should go to Dharamshala on these holidays. You can go to Dharamshala for the whole year. However, the best time to visit Dharamshala would be in the spring and early summer when the weather is maximum at 25 ° C.

In Winters here extreme frosty with snowfalls leaves the valley to seem more attractive.

Even though one can visit Dharamshala in June, the best hill station throughout the year. To soak in the beauty of the stunning mountains and lush green coniferous forests, remember that If you like rain, then the mountains of mist will be great for walking even in the monsoon.

Even the Tibetan New Year happens in March or even February and is celebrated with Top-notch, Outstanding fanfare.

This provides a second reason to stop by Dharamshala of those months to tourists. This makes it the best season to visit there is each year. Additionally, it is dependent upon that which you want to research.

The trekker in you may vow for your joy of views and bonfires that wintertime brings it. Individuals attempting to provide that a break to these cities. This would descend in the glory of the summer vacation holiday season.

Pre-monsoon will include the unpredictability of proportions. However, in addition, it demonstrates to you that a feature of Dharamshala that tourists make to behold.

The monsoons embark in July on Dharamshala and carry on petering out in September, the best month to visit Dharamshala.

In Dharamshala, you can see the best exact pictorial viewpoint of the Himalayan forest. Because of this, you remember putting your toes wet at the moment.

The other spinoff would be resort rates on account of the traffic that is very minimal.

Take a look at the best seasons to visit Dharamshala

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the state of Himachal Pradesh, Dharamshala is the headquarters of Kangra district.

Want to visit Dharamshala? Then you should definitely know about the information given below and the best season to visit Dharamshala:

  • Monsoon (July to September)
  • Autumn (October to November)
  • Winter (December to February)
  • Summer (March to June)
Monsoon (July to September)

From July to September, the rainfall in Dharamshala is at its peak.

Maybe the grass cannot get greenery, the sky cannot be as high. Also, the vegetation may not be as fresh. The smell of rain can be felt in the air and loved in the heart. In conclusion, it is the best season to visit Dharamshala.

The monsoon arrives in Dharamshala during July and remains in full swing till August before subscribing in September.

If you want to experience a true mountain monsoon, then it is the best time to go to Dharamshala. An added advantage is the hill station is found to be quite deserted during the monsoon.

The monsoon is not really a favourite with most tourists, as it is easy to find rooms at good deals. However, it is a bad idea to plan trekking trips during this time as most of the routes are closed.

Autumn (October to November)

Dharamshala is the most attractive hill station that can be seen throughout the year. It offers a charming view of mountains and lush green pine forests.

The autumn season is the best season to visit Dharamshala Himachal Pradesh. Himachali culture of civilization is very attractive in Dharamshala with dotted priorities. It is an important centre for Buddhists.

Dharamshala is like an official city for foreign visitors. As a result of this Dalai Lama, tourism in Dharamsala or Dharamshala Tourism has risen to an Amazing height.

Tourism in Dharamshala offers many beautiful places to visit near Dharamshala for tourists i.e. McLeodganj, Dal Lake, Satobari are many attractive places etc.

The autumn season continues from mid-September to November and is a good time for adventure activities and excursions. Winter starts from December to February and it is the best season to visit there. In the month of January snowfall starts, the temperature drops rapidly below 0 degrees.

Winter (December to February)

The weather in India makes it the best place to visit India in winter. Dharamshala is one of the places that should not be visited during the winter season. Especially the winter season is at its peak from the month of November to March.

This season emphasizes the beauty of its older versions, while a gust of cold wind against your face makes this experience even more exciting.

The weather of Dharamshala in November, December & January is bitterly cold and the sky is mostly cloudy during this time.

With the onset of winter, the temperature begins to decrease every day. It eventually, reach -1 ° C in late December. With this temperature, fresh snowfall starts in the city and with it increases in the winter months.

Winters in Dharamshala will make you all thrilled with the freezing snowfall and cold winds. If you enjoy the cold and snow-white mountains, then December or January is the best time to visit Himachal Pradesh.

It comes here during this time and temperatures below -2 to -3 degrees Celsius become more thrilling. Remember to wear lots of woollen clothes to protect against the cold winds.

Summer (March to June)

Dharamsala is the best place to visit in one of the Hill stations within Himachal. It has pleasant weather conditions during the summer months, heavy rainfall during the monsoon and snowfall in winter.

If you are looking to beat the scorching summer heat, then Dharamshala best time to visit in March to about mid-July is the best peaceful place to visit in Himachal from the hustle-bustle and such hot weather of cities.

The best Time to Visit Dharamshala is the months of summer. April to July is perfect for a trip to the hills when the temperature is between 22 ° C to 27 ° C. This is an ideal time for trekking and camping on scenic tracks with flowers in full bloom.

Most tourists prefer to visit Dharamshala in the summer. It is the most crowded place during this season. It is a good idea to plan your trip to visit Dharamshala in July. During the period of February or March, Buddhist Losar Festival was held.

Activities & Things to do in Dharamshala

There are many tourist places to visit in Dharamshala which are bound to fill your heart with heaps of experiences. It is situated in the foothills of Dhauladhar with a spectacular view of the snowy peaks, lush green hills. Due to its views, this place is one of the most beautiful places in India. Let’s know about the activities and things to do in Dharamshala.

  • Sightseeing: Jaw-Dropping Scenic Places
  • Camping: Luxury Camping Destination
  • Cycling: A Rejuvenating Experience
  • Kangra Fort: Most Prominent Attraction
  • Bhagsu Falls: Unparalleled Experience
Sightseeing: Jaw-Dropping Scenic Places

A varied selection of tourist spots is found at Dharamshala, one of many very best hill places to visit in North India. If you are an art lover, first of all, you need to visit the Norbulingka Institute of Tibetan Culture, which reflects the ancient Tibetan culture and heritage.

Dharamshala is famous for its vivid monasteries. It is a magnificent lake, its backdrop, brilliant forests, sparkling waterfalls, and temples & museums. This place can be one of the most popular tourist destinations in north India.

Surrounded by pine forests on the shores of the Himalayas, this mountain town is home to the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan government-in-exile. The Thekchen Chöling Temple is a spiritual centre for Tibetan Buddhism.

Dharamshala is well known for its radiant monasteries, stunning lake, mesmerizing backdrop, brilliant temples. There are also waterfalls, and forts & museums. All these things make it one of the most popular holiday destinations in North India.

Camping: Luxury Camping Destination

Dharamshala is surrounded by the Dhauladhar Ranges and camping is probably one of the popular activities. Visitors may anticipate enjoying one of their nights while camping in Dharamshala.

There are activities that demand enjoyment, adventure, civilization and local community ceremony coordinated at these camps in Dharamshala.

A camping trip in Dharamshala takes the tourists onto a journey with an amalgamation of world-class centres in the easiest of sites for example woods.

Dharamshala can be a little location in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. It is a hill station perfect for visiting during the entire year. Dharamshala presents its customers with a flavour of the actual jungle lifestyle using today’s spin.

They’re one of the few places in Dharamshala to visit which offer to park. Camp off-Road gives an option of Continental food to supplies also is an amazing customer-friendly service.

Cycling: A Rejuvenating Experience

If you are in Dharamshala then you should not miss the thrill of cycling at this beautiful place. The safest and best season to visit for cycling in Dharamshala is between March and May or October and November.

Cycling is a very lucrative activity among adventure seekers and enthusiasts and has gained a lot in the past few years.

Fresh mountain air, attractive tracks, beautiful floral fragrances, beautiful rural areas: all these are found in the classic cycling activity in Dharamshala. So for those who love the environment and love cycling, Dharamshala is the perfect place.

Kangra Fort

Situated approximately 20 kilometres Kangra fort is just one of the oldest temples of India. The Kangra Fort is situated at the top of the towering stone, and also its own presence dominates the neighbouring valley.

The fort covers an area of about 4 kilometres, plus it is guarded by ramparts and high walls. The entry to the fort is by way of a little courtyard enclosed as appears from an inscription over the entrance.

This long and narrow passage contributes to the top of the fort, through the Ahani and also Amiri Darwaza (gate), both credited to Nawab Saif Ali Khan, the first Mughal Governor of Kangra. There are no direct trains or flights or buses from Dharamsala to Kangra.

The fastest and most affordable solution to get from Dharamshala to Kangra is a taxi from Dharamshala to Kangra. Kangra Fort is about 20 kilometres from Dharamshala. Here you will also see some temples which can be reached by passing through seven gates.

Bhagsu Falls

This waterfall near Dharamshala can be found roughly 11 kilometres from Dharamshala and it is controlled by road.

It is one of the optimal attractions in Dharamshala. This waterfall is well commonly famous because of its freshwater spring its temple. Along with slate quarry a waterfall surrounded by trees and waterfalls.

The waves attain the summit and also then go round the Bhagsunath temple. This water fall’s elegance becomes enhanced throughout the monsoon period. When the waterfall resting at a peak of thirty ft pours enormous quantities of plain water together side all the showers of rainfall.

This can be an essential location for Hindu pilgrims and likewise actually just really a tourist attraction.

Achieving this Waterfall requires some job that is tough as people will want to scale the mountain to attain the waterfall.

Bhagsunag-which is known by the king’s identity (Raja Bhagsu) then by god the father’s identity Nag is thought to become ancient.

It was stated this place has been named after King Bhagsu and also Nagdevta (Bhagsu and also Nag). King Bhagsu flocked to sneak the water.

This contributed to roughly involving your 2 at which Nagdevta conquered and confounded the king. Inside this way, the identity of Bhagsunag Waterfall came into existence.

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