Adventure Places In Uttarakhand

Some popular adventures places in Uttarakhand are white water rafting, kayaking, canoeing, and water skiing.

Uttarakhand is comparatively no less than other famous adventure destinations of the country such as Shimla, Goa, and Ladakh, and other adventure places. It is because there are many things for adventure enthusiasts to do.

This state allows its tourists the freedom to choose the trek of their choice. There are all types of treks (easy, medium, hard, and difficult) is available here.

In Uttarakhand, the winding landscape consisting of lofty mountains, bright streams, attention-grabbing meadows. There are also glaciers and surplus lakes.

It is a travel destination that does not fully satiate, but plenty to explore and explore.

Do you also want to enjoy the beauty of nature as well as doing adventure activities? So plan a trip to Uttarakhand without delay.

Adventure places in Uttarakhand promise an ultimate experience. It is really a dream destination for adventure lovers.

Uttarakhand has gained fame in recent years as an excellent thrilling adventure place.

Many Bollywood films have also been shot here. For adventure lovers, it is the place that has perfect topography for trekking, rafting, and camping.

The rocky region and dense forest also make it ideal for rock climbing, mountaineering, and skiing.

Adventure Travel Destinations in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is India’s top adventure place and a treasure among adventure seekers. It is also known as ‘Dev Bhoomi’, which actually means abode of gods, Uttarakhand is more on an adventure.

While visiting Uttarakhand, you must remember that going here is the fulfillment of a dream.

For every adventure sports enthusiast, it is as if he has attained everything, and now all he has to do is reach there and enjoy the natural beauty.

As a matter of fact, Uttarakhand is a state of India which is completely situated on natural mountains. Everything is available here to attract tourists.

It is also famous for beautiful places to visit, as well as for the adventurous activities happening here.

In order to help you, we have prepared a list of the best adventure places in Uttarakhand that you must try in your life for the adventurous trip at once.

  1. Rishikesh: Gateway to thrill
  2. Jim Corbett: Best Jungle Safari in India
  3. Sitlakhet: Lesser-known paradise
  4. Kedarnath: Ideal Holy destination
  5. Auli: Ski destination of India
  6. Valley Of Flowers: Heaven on Earth
  7. Nanda Devi National Park: the spectacular wilderness of Garhwal
  8. Vasudhara Falls: Holy stream of water
Rishikesh: Gateway to thrill

Rishikesh, the most adventurous and holy place in Uttarakhand has located about 230 km from Delhi and 25 km from Haridwar City.

Your first experience with adventurous Rishikesh will be the beginning of intoxication. Enjoy and explore the experience of a lifetime on a date with Maa Ganga. Few rivers of the world have the secret of Ganga, the living goddess of India.

Rishikesh is among the holy places in India. It is not only popular for its yoga and meditation centers but also for its adventure activities.

Rafting in a white water river is definitely an amazing adventure. Rishikesh is well known for white river rafting as it is the origin of the Ganges River.

Ideal adventure activities in Rishikesh have been an attraction for countless tourists from all over India and abroad. This adventurous place is known as the best place for river rafting & adventure sports activities, Beach Game.

Also recently, Rishikesh has been elected as the adventure capital of India, defeating Kerala and Goa. You will love to experience Uttarakhand adventure sports activities like river rafting, jungle camping, beach games.

And other activities like – beach camping, white water sports tours, bungee jumping, flying fox, and swinging activities. For the above activities, Rishikesh is the safest place.

Rishikesh is located at a height of 356 meters above sea level and on the shores of the river. It is one of the popular pilgrimage centers for Hindus.

At this location, Ganges prepares himself to embark on a long journey through the plains, leaving the mountains.

Jim Corbett: Best Jungle Safari in India

Jim Corbett National Park is located in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand and was named after Jim Corbett who played an essential role in its founding.

The park project was the first to come under the Tiger initiative It is India’s oldest national park, was established in 1936 as the Hailey National Park for the Protection of the Endangered Bengal Tiger.

Corbett national park is not only wildlife, but the park also has a good population of bird species. Situated in the foothills of the Himalayas.

You can visit there here and enjoy the most adventurous jungle safari in the world

Paradise of Tigers, Corbett National Park is the key to escape the vivid city lights and the constant traffic roar.

The park has sub-Himalayan belt geographical and ecological features. Also, with so many wildlife resorts, it is loved by luxury travelers. 

The traveler must be highly responsible when traveling to natural areas sensitive to environmental concerns. True ecotourism is one that maintains the livelihood and cultural identity of the local people.

It is the common belief of most people that ecotourism is synonymous with tourism in the natural basket but it is much more than this.

Sitlakhet: Lesser-known paradise

Situated in Almora district, Sitlakhet is a popular tourist destination in Uttarakhand located about 24 km from the queen’s meadows ‘Ranikhet’.

If you are looking for a quaint vacation spot away from the hustle and bustle of the cities, Sitlakhet is the place for you.

Situated in District Almora, Sheetalakhet or Sithalkhet is about 35 km from Almora and 24 km from Ranikhet.

Sitlakhet is a lost paradise, an ultimate place for peace and happiness, nestled in the lap of the majestic Himalayas. It is a magnificent holiday paradise in Uttarakhand.

Geographically it is situated roughly between Ranikhet to the left and Almora to the right. This destination is popular among adventure places.

Just 10 kilometers from Sitlakhet, there is a famous temple of Sai Devi, which is now another attraction for tourists. Siyahi Devi Temple is a beautiful religious place in Uttarakhand, that is regularly visited by many local devotees.

Ranikhet is a stunning sight in the Saiha Devi hills to treat your senses at an altitude of 2000 meters or perhaps with the great Himalayas in front of you.

Kedarnath: Ideal Holy destination

Kedarnath is one of the most visited pilgrimage places in Uttarakhand and in India. This place is located in the Rudraprayag district in the Garhwal region in the northern state of Uttarakhand.

It is located at a height of 3585 meters above sea level. For visitors affected by the mountains, you should visit Kedarnath, one of the best places for trekking in Uttarakhand.

Trekkers can enjoy the grand Chaukhamba peaks and the Mandakini valley from a height. Very close to the Indo-China border, it is the source of the Mandakini River.

According to Hindu mythology, Kedar is another name of Lord Shiva. Protector and exterminator and the Priests believe that a visit to this holy land opens the door to “moksha”.

Auli: Ski destination of India

Auli is situated at an average elevation of 2800 meters in the Indian state of Uttarakhand; it is famous for its beautiful ski resort and spectacular nature.

Surrounded by the snowy peaks of the mighty Himalayas, this hilly terrain is among the best adventure places.

It offers spectacular views of oak-side slopes like Nanda Devi, Mana Parvat, and Kamat Kamet.

And also has coniferous forests, apple orchards, and majestic cedar trees, and towering mountain ranges.

It is 16 km from Joshimath on Badrinath Marg. The slopes, which are more than 9000 feet above sea level, are covered with dense cedar and oak forests and often reduce the velocity of cold winds.

Auli is located in Uttarakhand like many other hill stations in India. It is situated on the north side of the state and is a part of the Garhwal mountain range.

It is famous for adventure camps in Uttarakhand and Auli Artificial Lake. This lake is developed specifically by the government.

It provides artificial snow to new ski slopes during the months of low snowfall. The slopes offer a panoramic view of several famous Himalayan peaks such as Nanda Devi, Kamet, Mana Parbat, and Dunagiri. 

Valley of Flowers: Heaven on Earth

The Valley of Flowers was found in the year 1931 and is a World Heritage Site.

It is also among the most popular adventure places in Uttarakhand. It is known for its wild fresh flowers surrounded by white peaks.

In Uttarakhand, the valley of flowers is divided into hundreds of types of flowers, the valley is blessed with different flowers in different seasons.

Valley of Flowers National Park is located in Chamoli district in Uttarakhand. It is about 300 km north of Rishikesh. It is a beautiful national park, which reflects the beauty of the Western Himalayas. 

Originally known as the Bhupinder Valley, the park was discovered and renamed in 1931 by British mountaineer Frank Smith. The highest point of the park is Gauri Parbat at a height of 6719 meters.

It provides a great experience for travelers around the world. The Valley of Flowers was declared a national park in India.

In late 1982 and was included in UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites in 2004. 

Words can’t explain the Valley of Flowers National Park in Uttarakhand. It is the enchanting, creepy and magical will come very close to doing justice to its outstanding natural beauty. 

Flowers start blooming in July and August after the snow melts and the monsoon begins. In September, the plants prepare for eight months of hibernation.

Nanda Devi National Park: The spectacular wilderness of Garhwal

The World Heritage Site at Nanda Devi National Park has different topography, weather, and soil and helps in various habitats, species, communities, and ecosystems.

The region is among the best adventure places in India and revered among the most spectacular forests in the Himalayas.

It is dominated by ‘Nanda Devi Peak’ which is a natural monument and the second highest peak in India. To protect the park from disturbances, the Government of India declared the area a national park in 1982.

And was later given the special status of Biosphere Reserve. The area of ​​the park remained until the early 1950s expeditions to Nandadevi.

The best time to visit the Nanda Devi National Park is from mid-June to mid-September. Experience the finest climate and magnificent beauty of flora and fauna during this period.

The park remains completely closed from November to April due to extremely cold temperatures and snowfall.

Visitors are required to obtain permission from the Nanda Devi National Park Authority, Joshimath for the trek. The entry of trekkers was banned in 1982 to protect biodiversity.

However recently, a small number of tourists have been allowed to visit the park. Trekking in Nanda Devi National Park is one of the most popular activities in the national park.

Vasudhara Falls: Holy stream of water

As this waterfall is located on the path where the Pandavas started their journey to heaven so people have faith in this waterfall.

Vasudhara waterfall has more than 300 feet high. Situated at a height of more than 12000 feet covered by the Himalayas near Badrinath and the last village of India. 

The journey from Mana to Vasudhara takes about two hours. To reach Vasundhara falls from Mana Village tourists have to travel 6 km.

The First 2–3 kilometers are relatively easy for Walking is but after crossing the Saraswati temple the trek becomes difficult, as this route becomes much more difficult.

Being one of the most adventurous places in Uttarakhand, this waterfall falls from a height of 400 feet to about 122 meters above sea level.

The views of the Vasudhara river valley during this trek are very panoramic.

A shower under the falling water is very delightful and adventurous. From here mountains like Chaukhamba, Neelkanth, and Balkun can be seen.

Nature lovers and pilgrims experience this unspecified beauty and serene environment all around from May to June. It is believed that only those people who are sanctified and pure can enhance the beauty of these falls.

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